SPA -Knit & Spin Retreat

Bristol On Saturday, my knitting group made the short drive up to Freeport for the annual NETA SPA Knit and Spin retreat.

We grabbed our spot in front of the lobby fire for the second (third?) year in a row and spent the day shopping, knitting, and spinning. With a brief break for barbecue.

I spent all my time spindle-spinning and I made significant process toward my 2011 Knitolution to spin 4 oz. and knit a shawl/shawl-lette. I only have about .5 oz of spinning left to do.





Ordering at Bucks


Maria(This shirt should come with an asterisk -
*unless you're buying cashmere. Which I didn't, but someone else did!)
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A Walk at Wolfe's Neck


Last night after work Mr. Cleaver and I took a walk at Wolfe's Neck State Park - it was warm and we were two of about a half dozen people at the park. Afterward, we oogled camping equipment at LL Bean and chowed down on slow cooked meat at Buck's Naked Barbecue. That's what I call a perfect evening.

We'd been at Wolfe's neck in the early fall and the late fall, so it was fun to see how the park is different in the spring/summer:


I love the color contrast of new growth -

New Growth

These are the first wild orchids I have ever seen - they were everywhere!

Wild Orchids




This was the highest the tide has been on our visits here, it made the coastal parts of the walk look very different.

Man on a Rock

I couldn't believe how big some of the dandelions were! I saw another non-blooming one that was a least 4 inches taller.

Giant Dandelion

The osprey nest. The chicks should be out an about in another few weeks.

Osprey Nest

Taking in the Scenery in Suits

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Roadtrip: PKOTT at NETA Spa

This Saturday the lovely ladies of Portland Knitters On The Town took a field trip to NETA's Spa, Spin and Knit weekend up in Freeport, where the Hilton Garden and Haraseeket Inns were crawling with Spinners and Knitters from throughout New England.


Many were day trippers like ourselves, but others from New Hampshire and Vermont came to stay for the whole weekend. The Hilton was sold out - primarily to knitters and spinners. It was great to see so many fiber lovers in one place!

Maggie Spinning

Spinners at NETA SPA

There were also a ballroom full of the usual merchants, but being pretty stocked up at the moment, I only purchased a card of beautiful pewter buttons that made me think of a new sweater design almost instantaneously.

Beautiful Button

With so many spinner around I was inspired to pull out my spindle, which I haven't touched since sometime in late September/Early November, when Christmas and other deadline knitting kicked in.

A full spindle

So while I didn't purchase any yarn, I did come out of the event with some new yarn. Which as Mr. Cleaver accurately described it, "feel like you hair after a day at the beach." It's llama, and yes, it's a bit straw-like. I'm hoping it'll soften up a bit when I wash it (which it seriously needs - so much dye transfer!!), but I'm proud of the thinness and relative evenness of this skein. Inspired, I started spinning it's companion purple fiber last night.

Skein of Llama

We also made side trips to a BBQ joint and a fabric store. So all in all, it was a good day. :)

Chicken Fat Qtrs

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