A Walk at Wolfe's Neck


Last night after work Mr. Cleaver and I took a walk at Wolfe's Neck State Park - it was warm and we were two of about a half dozen people at the park. Afterward, we oogled camping equipment at LL Bean and chowed down on slow cooked meat at Buck's Naked Barbecue. That's what I call a perfect evening.

We'd been at Wolfe's neck in the early fall and the late fall, so it was fun to see how the park is different in the spring/summer:


I love the color contrast of new growth -

New Growth

These are the first wild orchids I have ever seen - they were everywhere!

Wild Orchids




This was the highest the tide has been on our visits here, it made the coastal parts of the walk look very different.

Man on a Rock

I couldn't believe how big some of the dandelions were! I saw another non-blooming one that was a least 4 inches taller.

Giant Dandelion

The osprey nest. The chicks should be out an about in another few weeks.

Osprey Nest

Taking in the Scenery in Suits

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