2011 in Review

Master Bedroom Mosaic

We became homeowners on Dec 31 of 2010, and a lot of this year was learning the in and outs of being homeowners. We removed what didn't want and started building in what we did. We peeled wallpaper and painted walls.

Snowpocalyspe 11:30am

Shoveled snow and learned the importance of roof-rakes.  (Hint: don't pile that much snow that close to your house)

Gardening Station in the Garage

Perennials were planted in the spring and bulbs were planted in the fall. Lawns were moved and leaves raked. Floors were swept and appliances replaced. And at some point along the way it stopped being their house and started being ours.

Karen & Chris

Starting the day after we moved in, we filled our home with friends: Pie Day, poker games, dinners and documentaries. The highlight was inviting over all our friends for a summer time barbecue and concert.



And we saw a little doggy online and decided to invite him to stay for the long-haul.


During Lent I wore skirts for 47 days and visited Washington D.C. for the first time.

Cherry Blossoms

Korea Memorial

In sewing, I got my own studio space and made a thing or two.


My creation

Fiber-wise, I learned how to dye and needlefelt.



I bought a loom and made a total of one scarf.

The pattern appears

I also did a fair amount of spinning, but haven't quite met my knitolution of knitting anything with handspun yet.

Tour de Fleece Skein One

Knitwise, this has been a huge year for me. I've released three patterns with Quince & Co., one with Twist Collective, and six on my own. I started a mailing list.

My creation

It's amazing to me how much has happened in one year, and how quickly that year has gone. There's snow on the ground outside now and it's a few days to Christmas. It's been a helluva year in the best way possible.

Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy New Year!


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In the Studio Part Two

Wow, it's been a while since I posted. But with the past month I've had it's not surprising. Here's a quick recap before I move on to new things. Since July 2nd:

    • Tour de Fleece happened and I have about 600 yards of handspun yarn
    • Turned 28
    • Saw the final Harry Potter movie
    • Helped write and turn in our major funding application at work
    • Took a business trip to Buffalo and spent inordinate amounts of time in the Philly airport
  • Saw an Elvis Costello concert
  • Released Alaria with Quince & Co.
  • Submitted a potential project packet to a knitting mag
  • Painted and revamped my studio
  • Knitted a design for another knitting mag to be mailed off today
  • Had a giant BBQ in my backyard with over 30 friends and a live band.

Whew! and I thought summers were supposed to be slow!

I'll post about the BBQ later this week, but today I wanted to show off my newly revamped studio space.

As you may recall, when we moved in, the first floor bedroom looked like this:

Downstairs Bedroom

In the early days of moving in, we stripped the wallpaper and I'd been using it as a studio in this configuration.

Studio (for Now)

While the hearts and bears stenciling was an improvement over the baseball wallpaper, I still wanted an update. So my big birthday request was to paint the studio (I ended up with a much bigger gift than that, but more on that later this week).

There was a heat wave the weekend of my birthday, so we waited to paint until the next weekend.


Steinbeck was very helpful and only stepped in paint once.

The color is Yolo Colorhouse Water .02 - a fantastic blue that looks at alternate times of day anywhere from periwinkle, to lilac, to grey. The trim is the same Air .01 as in the living and bedroom.


The other major change comes from hanging things on walls, particularly the addition of the pegboard.


Pegboard makes me feel so organized.

Some other notable items - the original Ms. Cleaver portrait by Sharon Barto and three old knitting magazines courtesy of Bristol Ivy.


I still want to put some kind of yarn storage on the wall to the left of the loom, crates or hatboxes maybe and eventually all the carpet in house should be replaced, but other than that, I'm pretty darn happy with how it turned out and I can't wait to start making stuff in there!

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In My Studio: Before & Now

So one of the best things about the new house? I have my own studio.

(And whenever I say I'm going to my studio, I immediately think of this random reality tv moment I saw last summer. One, be forewarned, it'll get stuck in your head.  And two, it's worth it to watch to the second half of the video to see how context can change a song.)

I've co-opted the first floor bedroom, which used to belong to a baseball fan.

Downstairs Bedroom

Thus far, we've only had the opportunity to remove the wallpaper (fortunately one easily-removable layer), so the room is far from finished, but I needed to set up and do some sewin'. So I figured I'd show it in it's current state.

Studio (for Now)

The bears really make it.

Studio (for Now)There's great natural light during the day and there's plenty of space for my cutting table and all the other stuff. There might even be extra space, except...

Studio (for Now)

there's one thing more: New additionI bought a loom.


It's a 36inch four heddle Harrisville that I got used at a really great price on Sunday, thanks to a tip from Bristol. I haven't done anything with it yet except drool, but soon and very soon.

I'm so excited!!!

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Clad in Shades of Orange and Gold

Jennifer blouse

I just started my new job on Monday (yay!), but because it's full-time, it may wreck some havoc on my sewing schedule. So this may be the last major garment for a little while, or it may not. I have some skirts I want to do, but some more complex projects may be put on hold. 

Jennifer Blouse

This was one of those pattern-fabric combinations that I wasn't sure if it would turn out a hideous mess or something awesome. I'm pleased to say that I think it falls into the latter category. This is another Burdastyle pattern (what can I say, they're free!), the Jennifer blouse. There are 17 hand-sewn buttons and about 80 pintucks- seriously. There was a lot of detail work on this one, but that's what makes the shirt so lovely in my opinion. And I did a really good job of lining up the plaid, which is an accomplishment in itself.

My sewing corner

On a related note, I had to take some photos of my sewing area for a project, so I thought I'd share this little snippet of my home with you all.

Sewing Desk

Oh and that stack of fabric on the corner? I'll show you what that turned into a little later this week. 

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