At Least Its Not Carpal Tunnel

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever, but it looks like it's only been a week. I think it's because I generally feel behind the ball because of this:

My Wrist Rat

For about three to four weeks now, I've been suffering from limited mobility and mild pain in my right wrist. I've had it checked out by a doctor and it seems to be work-related, but thank goodness it is mild muscle strain and not carpal tunnel. That said, it's basically kept me from too much typing as well as severely limiting my knitting, embroidery, and sewing abilities. I can do all them, but not for long without making my wrist tired. Not being able to knit has been especially hard.


So in lieu of actual crafting, I organized my fabric stash by size (and yes, that is all of it, aside from some gallon bags of scraps).

Box Bag

I also put together this little box bag this weekend, to hold my toiletries for my relatively new foray into twice-weekly lap swimming (the tutorial was from drago[knit]fly - though I'm going to admit, I wish it was a bit clearer). This was maybe pushing it a bit to do all the sewing in one day.

For someone who rarely doesn't have some project in her hands, its been difficult to have to slow down like this. Still, I'm lucky that I had my wrist checked out early and we're modifying my work station (an ergonomic keyboard is on the way), but in the meantime I'm struggling to be patient and let myself heal and not make things worse.

In any case, if things are a little quieter around here than usual, the wrist is why.

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