Yellow + Blue = Green

With spring's arrival, I start yearning for new springier colors - namely bright yellows, blues and greens. This yearning is particularly pronounced on grey days like today, when I need pick-me-up. And so some colors that have been brightening my days recently.

Yellow Bracelet

My "Andi" bracelet from Luxcharm on etsy. I have a thing for bracelets right now. I never used to wear them (though until about a year ago when it broke I always wore a watch), but now I think they're great. This is the first in what may prove to become a bracelet collection.

Green Ipod

My green ipod. Yep, we finally gave into the ipod revolution. They lowered the price, so Mr. Cleaver and I could no longer resist. Of course I have about 10 cds on my laptop, so the music isn't too varied right now, but it does make the 45 minutes on the train go a little faster.

Blue Siscors

My blue sewing scissors. When I bought my sewing machine last summer I also bought a sewing starter kit with scissors, needles, measuring tape, chalk paper, etc and all the appropriate accessories were blue. And so is the shirt I'm currently sewing, though it is more of sky than primary blue. The needle and thread were for slipstiching the inside collar. I hate slipstitching. Actually I have a terribly small amount of patience with any finishing really. Once all the major seams are in place I start wearing the thing. Seriously, I have two dresses that I've been wearing for months that need some finishing done. Ah well...


Daffodil Socks

I did, however, completely finish my Pomatomus socks, which hey - are yellow, blue and green! And considering the number of rows I had to rip back on these socks due to inattention, it's pretty amazing that I finished them as quickly as I did. Then again, knitting also makes that 45-minute commute home much faster.



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Too Lazy For Paragraphs: A Picture Post

Yes, I've hardly posted recently. So here's a quick catch up via photos: 

Easter Dress
My $15 dollar Easter Dress from White House Black Market. It was too cold to wear it, but I didn't care.
Easter Dress!
I made it through all 47 days of Lent. I've worn jeans 3 times since then.
Daffodils in Bud
Spring is on its way!
Professional Director!
I finally got my check from Northwestern, meaning I have officially done a paid/professional directing gig! 
Daffodils in Bloom
$1.49 Daffodils from Trader Joe's, maybe one of the best buys ever.
Daffodil sock
Speaking of daffodils, I'm currently at a sock and a half.

Later this week: a return to recipe-posting!

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