When I'm In My Late 20s I Shall Wear Purple

Lent Day 26As I typed in the days for these photos on my compy, I realized that I've passed the halfway mark for Lent - only 20 days left to go!! (Lent - why are you so long?) Lent Day 26

Headband: ribbon

Necklace: Cloud Necklace by Kriya

Tee: Target

Skirt: Valentine's Day Skirt, made by me.

Shoes: Clark's Outlet

Lent Day 27

Lent Day 27

Necklace: Sears

Cardigan: Joy by Kim Hargreaves, made by me

Dress: Burdastyle Zoe, made by me

Tights: Target

Shoes: Bass Outlet

I have mixed feelings about this dress. I love the color and fabric, but it's shorter than I'd like (especially in the back- despite lengthening the pattern by several inches) and the neckline and sleevelessness aren't flattering on me without a cardigan.

What do you do with sewing projects you're no longer happy with or don't fit, etc.?

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It's a Mod Mod World

Oh, I'm Tresspassing

I really think I'm at my best when I'm sewing dresses. This dress, which is the Zoe pattern from Burdastyle, is the first piece I've done that I feel looks 100% professional, inside and out.


The pattern itself is pretty simple, with a total of seven pieces. I did have to make a few alterations to make this dress work for me though, something I'm slowly getting better at. 

Zoe Dress

I added about three inches to the length of the skirt, because I wanted it to be work-appropriate. And really, can you imagine if this was three inches shorter - yeesh! It would be positive indecent on someone of my height. I also, like many people, had to add a pair of darts down the front, because I can't pull off the "sack" look. The material is a fantastic wool or wool blend that I snagged from the remnants section of Vogue Fabrics back in my "stock-up-because-I-don't-know-what-my-fabric-store-selection-will-be-like-in-Portland" phase. It's fairly stretchy and oh so soft. I used the material "wrong" side out because I loved the slightly fuzzy nap of it - it seemed so fall/winter-appropriate that way. I think I may need to knit a black beret just to go with this dress.

Zoe Dress

And boy is it fall. The colors are peaking right now and its absolutely gorgeous - it's like the trees are on fire (in a good way).

Once again, I have to give a big shot-out to Mr. Cleaver, who helped with the photos (and it starting to get pickier with his shots :p). And here's a bonus outtake, just for fun:

Jumping Shots are always fun!

In other news, I have job interview #4 tomorrow, I now own a couch, and you should keep your eyes out this weekend for that surprise.

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