A Drawer-full of Accomplishment

More underwear!!!

When I said sewing your own underthings was addictive, I wasn't kidding - because now I have a drawer full of shiny new me-made underwear. Laundry takes a bit more diligence, but other than that, I'm pretty thrilled with the outcome.

All in all, it's three Watson Bras with two matching pairs of undies for each bra. The undies started from the Watson pattern, but I've hacked it up enough now to pretty much call it my own. It takes me about 2 hours to sew up a bra and less than 30 for the undies (if I'm paying attention). Even after all this sewing though, I still haven't quite got my elastic tension down. I think it could be more snug around the leg and for the last bra, I went down a band size, which fits better. I've cut out my patterns on cardstock for future use, though everythign is so dependent on the fabric, that you never know.

The purple version you've seen. I sewed the sporty turquoise one next and the lace version last. For the lace version, which is my absolute fave. I tea-dyed the lace and elastic with good-old Lipton's, about 8 bags or so worth. It make we want to buy a cheap pot and do some more dying in the future. For the lace band I underlined it with the milliskin, but the lace stands on its own for the other parts. It's so comfy. 

I'm pretty well stocked up for now, but i would like to try my hand at an underwire bra next. But first I have some fall wardrobe sewing for me and LMC to do! (Dresses for her, buttons-up and jeans for me!)

Watson Bras and Undies sewn by Ms. Cleaver
Sporty Watson Bra and Undies
Mauve and Lace Watson Bra Sewn by Ms. Cleaver
Mauve and Lace Watson Bra and  Undies Sewn by Ms. Cleaver
Sporty Watson Bra sewn by Ms. Cleaver
Lilac Watson Bra and Undies Sewn by Ms. Cleaver
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