My Valentine Skirt

Valentine's Skirt Happy Valentine's Day!!

About two weeks ago, I ordered a pretty red dress online and afterward thought it would be great to wear on Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, it didn't show up by Saturday.

Come Sunday, I decided I wanted something red to wear anyway.

Remembering I had some red fabric in my stash (received as part of the same group of fabric that became the granny skirt) and grabbing a simple previously made pattern (Simplicity 2758). I whipped this skirt up in an evening.

Valentine' Day Skirt

It is generally know that I am not a fast sewer.

It was only a through a confluence of positive circumstances that it came together so quickly:

  1. I happened to have all the materials on hand, including the fabric, interfacing, red thread and a sufficiently long red zipper.
  2. I has sewed the pattern before, so the pattern pieces were already cut out and I knew it fit well.
  3. The pattern is basically three pieces: skirt front, skirt back, and waist band. Plus the added strip for the faux bow.
  4. Only two seams to finish!
  5. The material is a faux suede, so I couldn't really iron it. Meaning, I didn't have to iron it!
  6. The zipper went in super easily on the first try.

Bow & Waistband Detail

To add a hint of pizazz, I added some top stitching on the waistband and on off-center bow.

And voila! Festive Valentine's Day skirt!

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