The Do Run Run

Untitled I'm not what you'd call a sporty person, but after a year and a half off, I took up jogging again about two months ago.

To give myself some motivation, I signed up for the Portland Sea Dogs Mother's Day 5k.


It's the second-largest race in the state, with 3,000 registrants and over 2,600 runners on the actual day.



You don't quite realize how many people that is until you're in the midst of it, but that is a lot of people! But it gave me a lot of options for people to pace myself off of, and I've learned that I seem to run at the approximate pace of a fit 65-80 year old man. (I just squeaked past a 79-year old at the finish line).


One of the reasons I chose this particular race was because the finish line is inside Hadlock Stadium. And I totally felt like a superstar running into the stadium and giving high fives to the kids along the edge of the seating.

I can't say I'm at the point where I enjoy running itself, but I will say that this race was a blast.


Oh and I finished 33 seconds better than last time!

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Right Now


Spinach Basil Pesto

(to borrow from Soulemama) Right Now I'm...

  • nearly a month into this Lent thing and trying out a new recipe or two a week;
  • two buttons bands away from finishing up a new design sample;
  • into running again, signed up for a 5k and everything;
  • enjoying the increasing hours of daylight;
  • loving the unseasonably warm March weather we're having; and
  • obsessing over a new music find: darlingside


What are you up to?

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The Finish Line (Part I)


I have a secret.*

I started running in July.

Today I ran my first 5k.  My goal was to run the entire way.

I did.



Staying warm before the race. It was about 30°F outside.




There were 520 runners.


Annnnd they're off! (I'm in the red shorts in the middle of photo)


On the final stretch....


Final burst for the finish line...


And done!


My final time: 38:41. Average pace of 12:27 minutes/mile.


I met my goal, exceed my personal best time and got a snazzy new running shirt.


*unless you read my Facebook feed, then you already knew

(Finish Line Part II? - I completed my Lady Grey Coat last night. In the words of Maggie - this coat is epic. Photos and details when I return from Thanksgiving.)

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