Lent Week 4

I sucked with taking pictures this week. I don't really carry my camera around daily so I missed a couple of things, like my tank of gas and the burger and beer I bought for dinner at my knitting circle this week. Of course now that Mr. Cleaver and  I got new cell phone this week (as well as a new number for me) I have a camera phone, but  alas, that doesn't help the past, so in addition to the items mentioned above:


My New sifter

All my weekend baking has required the purchase of a new sifter/sieve  from Le Roux Kitchen to combat the clumpiness I've been noticing in my dry goods. It worked wonderfully on the doughnut I make this morning. And it was one of the serendipitous purchases where it cost exactly what I wanted to pay. Once I'm out of rehearsal/production (ie late May) I'd like to start doing a series of baking posts, but for now, alas I haven't the time.



Thrilling list, I know. 

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Lent Week 3

If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a creature of habit. This week, with only $2 "whatever" dollars for the pay period and rehearsal every night, by spending fell into pre-designated purchases only - namely Saturday yoga and lunch. 

That said, I did feel the crunch a little  at the end of this week. I didn't have time to go the bank as usual on Thursday or Friday and really debated about going to an ATM, I held off and made it to the bank about 2 minutes before closing on Saturday and got my money for week 4. I also maybe cheated when last Saturday Mr. Cleaver bought me $6.25 worth of yarn. I told him I'd pay him back, but he'd hear none of it (he's a keeper, I know). That said, here's the pics.


The "Wrangler" with some rather intense horseradish mayo and a double chocolate cookie. 


How's my form?

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Lent Week 2

Money Clips

Week two, and I've resorted to paper clips. Making sure all my bases are covered. Including the important "whatever" category.


A yogitoes mat to keep me from from doing a face-plant into my mat during downward-facing dog.

Gemini Sandwich

A "Gemini" sandwich from North Star Cafe.

Tank of Gas

A tank of gas.

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Lent: Week 1

So one week down. Not a big week for purchases, but I definitely have a greater consciousness about how much money I have in my wallet, what purchases I need/want to make, and when my next pay period is (Thursday if you were wondering).

The run-down for the week:

Yoga Exchange

Saturday morning yoga class at The Yoga Exchange, which is dangerously close to my favorite yarn shop.

Fashion Nugget & Flying Circus

In a fit of high school nostalgia, Cake's Fashion Nugget and some Monty Python Flying Circus from Bull Moose.

Chicken & Roots Sandwich

A chicken and roasted root vegetable sandwich, extra roots, from O'Naturals between yoga and rehearsal.

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