Lent 2010: Update 1


Now that I'm two weeks in, I should probably give a Lenten update.

So far, it's not too bad! I did miss watching the Olympics (Mr. Cleaver very cutely asked me if he could watch the end of the US/Canada men's hockey game - I said yes.) and Sundays are generally the hardest. But I have to say I don't miss prime time tv at all - the only thing I really miss is Jeopardy!

Mr. Cleaver and I both agree, that live without tv somehow feels less stressful. We can go out any night we want, becuase we don't have to be home to watch anything. We've been doing more stuff, talking more over dinner and generally having a good time.

Here some Lent by the Numbers:

  • Games of Boggle Played: 1
  • Games of Scrabble Played: 1
  • Games of Trivial Pursuit Played: 1
  • Games of Pinball Played at the Mall: 9
  • Development League NBA Games Watched: 3/4 (the power went out)
  • Patterns Drafted:
  • Concert DVDs Watched:
    • Stop Making Sense
    • Patty Griffin at the Artist Den
    • The Last Waltz
    • Johnny Cash at Austin City Limits
  • Movies Watched:
    • The Hangover
  • Episodes of The West Wing watched on DVD: a lot
  • CDs Listened to: too many to count!!
  • Visits to Borders to read comic books and magazines: 1
  • Walks taken: 3
  • Books read:
    • 3/4 of Emma
  • Times Mr. Cleaver fell asleep with a book in his hands and didn't wake up when I took it out: 2
  • Hours of live TV watched: 0

There's also been dining out, internet surfing, knitting, sewing and  general lollygagging about.

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