Scout's Honor

Scout's Honor (Lent Day 44) I was once told that wearing this scarf made me look like a Girl Scout. So for today's outfit, I figured in for a dime, in for a dollar and paired it with a brown skirt and some knee highs.

Scout's Honor (Lent Day 44)

Scarf: Vintage Vera, purchased at Ferdinand

Cardigan: Old Navy

Flower Pin: Made by Me

Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft

Socks: Made by Me

Shoes: Bass Outlet

I don't have any experience with the Girl Scouts myself, but I was a Boy Scout sister for many many years (My father and brother and two cousins are all Eagle Scouts and my father and uncle both served as Scoutmasters).

Scout's Honor (Lent Day 44)

As such I am displaying the Boy Scout salute in these photos. Maybe they're the same, I don't know.

And since I brought up Scouting, I have to admit that I'm very torn about the BSA and whether I'd let my imaginary future children join. Scout's Honor (Lent Day 44)

Scouting is such a huge part of my family and I think it teaches fantastic life skills, but I have a huge problem with the BSA's discriminatory membership policies regarding gender, sexual orientation, and religious affiliation (or lack thereof). My hope is that by the time I have children old enough for scouting, it may no longer be an issue. (It should be noted that the Girl Scouts of America does not mirror the BSA's policies, nor does the non-gendered Canadian Scouts).

Scout's Honor (Lent Day 44)

Politics aside, this is my last weekday of Lent (Day 44) and I'm thinking come Monday, wearing pants in going to feel kinda weird! (Though I won't miss the tights)

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Weekend Doings and Lent Day #12

I had an amazing productive weekend - maybe it's all the sunshine and hints of spring. Beignet muslin

On Saturday, while Mr. Cleaver watched March Madness, I went into my studio and whipped out a muslin for a Beignet skirt. I need to take in the two front seams (it's kinda pinned in the photo), but other than that I found the pattern to fit really well. I have a sky blue twill in my stash I hope to make it from - I have less fabric than the pattern envelop calls for, so fingers crossed that all the pieces fit!

Starting my Seeds

Then, this morning we stopped by the open house at Skillins Greenhouse and picked up some seed starting supplies. I had already ordered my seeds a few weeks back from Johnny's Selected Seeds and put them directly into my new seed flats. I won't be able to put anything outside until mid April at the earliest, but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead.

Now, onto the Lent.

If you're thinking I missed a day there, you're right - I never got a photo of Day #11. But if you guessed I wore the same denim skirt all last weekend, you'd be even more right.

Lent Day #12

On Day #12 I went to my closet and I just couldn't bear the thought of wearing tights today, despite the cold. (Remember when I said the warm weather wouldn't last? I woke up the next morning and it was snowing - how's that for not lasting?) So instead of tights I threw on my hand-knit knee-highs and braved chilly knees (and mostly stayed indoors).

Lent Day #12

Tiger scarf: Gift

Green Tee: Target

Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft, gift

Bracelet: Gift

Socks: Made by me.

Boots: Naturalizers, Macys.

Lent Day #12 Detail

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I did not cobble the shoes

Forecast Sweater & 1/2 Circle Skirt

Two posts in a week? This hasn't happened in quite some time! But I had some new FOs that I couldn't wait to share. The outfit shown above is Leah-made from head to toe, (well - I didn't cobble the shoes).

The sweater is a Forecast that I finished last fall when I first moved back to Maine. I never took finished photos of it because it was too small and I wanted to reblock, which I did about 2 weeks ago. The sweater didn't get any better fitting (it's a bit short and a bit tight - becuase honestly, I made it a size too small on accident), but I wear it all the time anyway and it worked with the outfit.

The skirt is a 1/2 circle skirt made in vintage (and admittedly ever so slightly moth-eaten) wool I purchased at the same time I got the fabric for this skirt (which I guess I never blogged about).  The pattern is Simplicity 2758 and was a simple and quick pattern. You can't see it on the photo, but there's also some nice button/tab detailing at the waist. Though I have to say that I keep making these skirts with waistband detailing, but I almost never wear skirts in a way where the waistband is visible. Ah well.

Clessidra Knee Socks

The final part of the outfit and the one I'm most excited about is my first pair of hand-knit knees highs. It's another Knitty pattern, Clessidra, and it has a lot of great details and a good fit (though you have to size down your needles on the heels).

Clessidra Knee Socks

One of my knitting buddies comments on how she likes my use of props/styling in my knit photos and wanted to know what was the plan for these socks. I was trying to go for autumnal Library/Den feel. And in case anyone is wondering the books are Alice In Wonderland, Jane Eyre (which I'm currently reading)/Wuthering Heights, something called Wild Wild World I picked up at a vintage book sale because I thought it was pretty and the Letters of Lewis Carroll vols. I and II.

Clessidra Knee Socks

And if I don't catch you tomorrow  - Happy Halloween!

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