A Day in the Garden

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday, perfect for a day in the yard, starting my garden. I started off the day at the wonderful Broadway Gardens and after pestering the staff with a few questions, came home with a decent haul.

Nursery Haul

I transferred my purchases from the car to the potting setup in the garage and got to work.

Gardening Station in the Garage

I put together a pair of hanging baskets for the back porch,

Hanging Basket

planted some pansies and morning glory seeds around the base of the lamppost out front,

Pansies by the Lamppost

planted a strawberry plant in the backyard barrel,

Strawberry Barrel

and spent a ton of time prepping the soil to plant a pair of mint plants next to the back porch. (I don't know what had grown there before, but it left behind quite the root system!).


It was one of those work days where the fruit of the labor aren't readily apparent, but it's a good start and it was nice to finally get something in the ground!! (Next up - picking a spot for the black and raspberries, and tilling the soil for the veggie plot).

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