Mike & Maggie Get Married


I didn't mention it in the last post, but the reason the Notary Dress is named the Notary Dress is because I made for a very special purpose, to officiate Mike & Maggie's wedding this past Saturday. The knitting readers may know these two from Mike's touching Ravelry proposal.


The wedding was held on the Artist's Covered Bridge in Newry in Western Maine.

We gathered on the bridge Friday afternoon for the rehearsal. It was my first time officiating a wedding, so I was a bit nervous, but once we got all the parties there, it went pretty smoothly.

They're Trusting Me with This?


Afterwards, Mr. Cleaver and I got to join everyone for a delicious rehearsal dinner, prepared by Maggie's father, who has convinced me that I will someday need to own a meat smoker.

The wedding day arrived, warm and sunny.

The knitting contingent arrived early. IMGP9527.JPG

And while the day of the wedding was beautiful, the bride was even lovelier





Officially got them married!!


Now off to the party!!


Congrats you two - you make a wonderful couple!!


(And a special thanks to Mr. Cleaver for the photos)

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