I can't post pictures of my own...

So my new camera has arrived, but unfortunately, the memory card was shipped separately, so it is for now unusable and I am at the mercy of the United States Postal Service - hopefully it'll get here by the end of the week and then my blog can have new photos again!

Speaking of photos, I would encourage those of my readers with an interest in photography to sign up for the "Scent of Water" photo-swap. I have participated in the first two rounds and have received lovely photos like this one:

from SleepyNeko for the "Simplicity" swap.

and this one:

from ferry girl for the  "Reflections" swap.

This round's theme is "In Motion," suggested by yours truly! (So I'll have to come up with something good).

To see some more of the talent in these swaps, check out our flickr group, where you can also find instructions for joining the swap - and don't procrastinate - sign-ups close on July 7th!

If you have any questions about the swap or have decided to sign-up, let me know!


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Camera Down!

So I finished both of those projects I teased in my last post and then in the midst of photographing them, the image sensor in my camera died. So it's shipping off to Canon tonight for a possibly free repair and I'll get it back in 7-10 business days after arrival at the Canon repair place. Until then I'm pretty much working camera-less, except for the one on my laptop.

However, the US Goverment did decided to send me a little check, with which I may be purchasing a digital SLR...

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