In the Garden

It's been usually hot and dry in these parts of late, so I haven't spent as much time out in the garden as I'd like (I'm seriously overdue with some weeding), but with a little help from the hose, things are growing.

I started a lot of my plants from seeds this year to mixed success. My broccoli didn't make it, the leaf lettuce is sad at best, and the sugar snap peas, I think in part to some bad trellising on my part, haven't performed all that well. But where these have faltered, others have blossomed. The tomatoes and bell peppers are looking fantastic, the butternut squash and green beans grow in leaps by the day. The small batch of garlic, which i planted in the fall on a whim has been harvested and hung up to dry, waiting to make its appearance in fresh tomato sauce later this summer. I'm picking blueberries by the quart.

But the best part? How LMC asks if we can go cut more flowers for the table, or when she says "Mama, we need more peas." Now look, normally we're much more of a goldfish cracker than a kale chip kind of family, and my kid can certainly be picky, but when it's this fresh and you pick it yourself? Even a toddler can't say no. 

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