In The Garden

My princess and the frog

We've had a string of cold and rainy days, so my veggie garden feels a bit neglected. I've peeked in to see how things are doing, knowing I'm a ways away from any kind of harvest.  LMC and I planted some green bean and lettuce seeds, but I'm woefully behind on weeding and my plans to build additional boxes are feeling more like next years prep than anything to be utilized this season.

My garden however, will generally thrive perfectly fine without my intervention. The peas continue to climb up their trellis, the tomatoes continue to grow and my flowers, oh my flower beds. The irises have peaked and are just beginning to decline now, but for a while it was a explosion of purples and creams and whites. My front perennial beds, with their more late-summer blooms are beginning to sneak out buds in yellow and white.  My strawberries however, are getting devoured by something (not me!) despite my (repeated) attempts at bird netting them. 

In any case, out little garden must be a friendly place to visit as we discovered at least two frogs (toads?) in the yard, which I've never seen before this year (or maybe didn't have the child's eyes to see...) 

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