Me-Made May Week 4th and Final Thoughts

So 31 Days and 28 selfies later - I've come to the end of my first Me-Made May. While I won't miss the selfies (there are only so many ways to take a quick photo of yourself and show what you're wearing), it was a fun experiment. 

I did manage to wear handmade items everyday, though the 30th was close, because I was in my jammies most of the day and only threw on a pair of jeans to take LMC to the park.

This morning I thought, "I can wear anything I want!" and grabbed a favorite RTW shirt and a me-made skirt, so I think it's safe to say that wearing handmade is just a part of what I do. 

And I have more garment pieces than I thought. Because I'm kind of a data/spreadsheet geek, I decided to make some charts, and then turn them into an info-graphic (like you do...). 

All told, I wore 51 handmade items, of which 35 were distinct items and 16 were repeats.

The items I wore were created over a span of eight years, with a notable drop in items made in 2013, when LMC was born, and 2014, when I was mostly sewing baby clothes. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I wore handmade sweaters more than any other garment type and my own designs made up 12% of the total items I wore (helped along by my brand-new Ocaso cardigan, which I can't stop wearing and will talk about more tomorrow). 

Other than that, my Me-made trophy goes to Colette Patterns, which supplied six separate garments from four different patterns. You can see some of the other figures in the charts below.

The process also confirmed my wardrobe planning needs, namely bottoms (shorts/pants) and basic tees. Good thing I have some fabric and patterns ready to go!

While I don't know that I would do the month of selfies part again, I definitely enjoyed scrolling through the hashtags on Instagram and seeing what everyone else was making and getting ideas for new patterns I want to try (Datura Blouse and Fancy Tiger Sailor Top, I'm looking at you!).

Did you participate or follow along? What did you think of the experience? Would you do it again?

Me Made Made Outcomes - Ms. Cleaver Creations

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