Start 'Em Young

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Technically it doesn't count as her first movie until she can see as far as the screen

Whenever Mr. Cleaver and I talked about having kids, we talked about how much of we do already is pretty kid friendly (see: apple picking) and how we wanted to integrate Miss Cleaver into as much of what we love about our lives as possible.

As so, as she sleeps a lot still and is pretty portable, Miss Cleaver's been and mostly slept through a number of knit nights, neighborhood walks, trips to visit my co-workers, weekly visits to the local library for story time, and Record Store Day.

This past weekend she got a crash course in Mom's nerd loves as she celebrated (read: slept through) International Star Wars Day, Free Comic Book Day, and a viewing of Iron Man 3 at the Drive-in. (Fun fact: the first time we went to Pride's Corner Drive-In back in 2010, we saw Iron Man 2 - how time flies!)

I know it won't always be as easy or practical to take her along on all these things, but as long it is, we'll be bringing her along.

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