Catching Up

I kinda fell off the blog-posting wagon there for the past week. Its been super busy at work, and when I've been at home, I've just wanted to do a whole lot of not much. And I haven't been taking many outfit photos, because I've been wearing a lot of repeats.

Here's the only two I've taken recently:

Lent Day 36

Day 36: Cardigan: Joy by Kim Hargreaves, made by me

Button up: Banana Republic Outfit

Skirt: New York & Co.

Tights: Target

Shoes: Clarks Outlet

Lent Day 41Day 41:

Cardigan: L.L. Bean

Skirt: New York & Co.

Boots: Naturalizers

A Trio of Seam Finished

The one thing I have been doing is working on my Beignet skirt.

I don't think I'll be relinquishing my title of "slowest seamstress ever" anytime soon, but I think the skirt is coming together very well. I'm basically down to hem, buttonholes, buttons, and belt loops. The goal is to have it done for Easter (remember when I thought I'd get two projects done during Lent - ha!!!)

Almost There

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