Lent 2011 - Day 30

Lent Day 30 - Detail I'm a month in - I feel like that snuck up on me somehow. Today is the first day when I felt "hey - there isn't much of this thing left." And while I won't miss taking photos of myself (almost) everyday, I will miss the project and the response I've gotten to it at work and in the wardrobe remix community on Flickr.

Lent Day 30 - Detail

Lent Day 30 - Detail

As I indicated yesterday, until it gets a little bit warmer, I'm pretty much in repeat mode, so today's outfit is pretty close to day 2 - with a few swaps - mainly in accessories, but it gives me the chance to pull out a few favorites.

Lent Day 30 - Detail

Tee: Gap Outlet

Scarf: Don't remember

Poodle Pin: Was my great-grandmothers

Skirt: Wallpaper Skirt #2, made by me

Striped Tights: Delia*s

Shoes: Bass Outlet

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