Lent Day 29

Lent Day 29 First off - thanks to everyone for the tips for the dress - I don't think I'll pass it off to Goodwill yet. It doesn't help my wishy-washiness that I got about a half dozen compliments on it at work either.  I'm not sure when I'll have time to do the adjustments I'm thinking of (mainly making a square neckline and seeing if I can lengthen the hem), but I'll be sure to share them when/if I do.

Lent Day 29

Apparently, I'm in a purple mode (though yesterday was an un-photographed green). Originally I was going to post that this was the last winter/fall weight item I hadn't worn yet this Lent, but then I when into my off-season clothes storage bin and found two more heavy skirts that I didn't think fit, but do. And of course there's all the spring/summer dresses that I can start layering with soon.

All of this is to say, I kinda have too many clothes. And considering how many I have, it is truly a shame that I hadn't been wearing them more than I do. Hence Lenten challenge. Eventually I'll do a roundup of all the individual pieces I've been utilizing.

Lent Day 29 Detail

Lent Day 29

Pendleton Wool Dress: Made by Me.

Necklace: Gift shop in some Cathedral (St. John's?) in England, circa April 1997.

Boots: Clarks Outlet


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