It's Not a Weed if it's Wanted

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Not a Weed (2).jpg
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It's Not a Weed if it's Wanted

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It's that time of year where dandelions are more and more abundant. Ask a grownup about dandelions and they usually complain about a weed, ask a kid and they won't answer because they're too busy picking you a bouquet of their favorite flower. The same dichotomy can be found in the other plants depicted- Queen Anne's Lace, Chickweed and clover - It's all a matter of perspective. 


With the design pre-printed on a beautiful linen-blend fabric, stitching a heirloom quality piece of embroidery is almost as simple as coloring!

Embroidery kits make great gifts (including for yourself!) and are a wonderfully meditative activity that comes with a beautiful product at the end.

Hang your finished piece right in the hoop (I’ll show you how!), frame it, or sew it into a cushion, bag or quilt.

New to embroidery? Each kit comes with a 2-page color guide to basic stitches or check out the tutorial library for tips and step-by-step instructions.



Contains everything you need to stitch a beautiful wall-hanging.

  • High-quality Linen/Cotton Fabric pre-printed with design

  • ·6” wooden hoop

  • Lengths of DMC Embroidery Floss to complete design as shown

  • Embroidery needle

  • Guide to basic embroidery stitches (additional tutorials available at

  • Complete kit packaged in a sturdy reusable kraft envelope suitable for gifting.

Have more floss than you know what to do with, or want to pick your own colors? Purchase the pre-printed panel only in the drop-down menu above. Also available as a PDF Pattern. 

*Materials shown are a sample only and may vary by design

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