Sunlight and Spring

Untitled The light in the evening is coming back in spades theses day, for which this California transplant is grateful. It makes me feel so much for active and productive in the evenings, which is great, because it's been a busy week and it's going to be a busy spring.


Because with all the bright happy sunniness of spring comes new responsibility - probably a day a late and a dollar short, but I've started thinking about all the stuff I need to do to get  vegetable garden in the ground this year, not to mention spring cleaning, repainting the peeling deck, and all that sewing I want to do as soon as it starts getting warmer.


But for today, I'm taking it easy (as much as that's possible on a work day) and not worrying about all the work that's to come.

Deep breaths, and one day at a time.

All photos of Barley Herb Salad from Martha Stewart Living. Which is totally delicious, especially if you add extra mustard.

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