Reveal # 1

Straw Cloche - Side View

So here's the first of those projects I teased in the last post. As Leigh guessed, I was crocheting in raffia - specifically, the leftovers from the Carmel Clutch.

Straw Cloche

I've been toying with the idea of crocheting a a straw hat for a while and  it really kicked in when I discovered this hat on Ravelry. I decided I really needed a straw cloche.

Straw Cloche

Crochet isn't particularly my strong suit, but the whole thing came together in about a week, and I only had to redo the brim three times!! (For construction details, see my Ravelry project page.)

Whipstitch on Brim

I finished it off with a wide striped grosgrain ribbon and a whip-stitched brim.

Straw Cloche

Now if it would only get sunny enough to require a sun hat!!

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