Lent 2011

In 2008  I gave up jeans, in 2009 I gave up non-cash forms of payment, and in 2010 I gave up TV. This year for Lent, I'm giving up.....


(Meaning I spent all day yesterday referring to Fat Tuesday as Pant-y Gras - tee hee!).

I'll include my annual caveat that I do my annual Lent give-up less for religious regions than for the personal challenge.

I considered giving up pants/trousers in 2008, but decided to just do jeans instead. This year I'm going whole hog. The reasoning behind no pants is that the vast majority of clothing I sew is skirts and dresses, but I spend probably 80%-90% of my days wearing pants (particularly, and for perhaps obvious reasons, it's closer to 100% in the winter). So I'm giving up pants in an attempt to get the home-sewn portion of my more use.

It's also an exercise in personal style. I'm drawn to dresses and skirts, and I love the look of them. My inspiration files are full of non-pants outfits, but again, I go to my safe zone of pants day after day. I'm not sure why I avoid wearing skirts/dresses, but for the next 47 days I have no excuses!!

In addition to the challenge of wearing no pants (and staying warm in a Maine that is still in winter!), I'm going to try and complete two Lent-challenge related sewing projects. 1 - at least one skirt and 2 - my first pair of pants to be worn on Easter.  I'll be posting outfits and sewing progress over the coming weeks.

If you're giving up something for Lent, or are in for a no-pants challenge of your own let me know in comments!!

Lent Day 1

Day One!!

Dress: Vogue V8315 view B. Made for my rehearsal dinner in 2007,

Belt: Originally my mother's - it shows the Eureka, CA Harbor. I love it!

Boots: Naturlizers, from Macy's. Bought when I lived in Chicago.

Wool Tights: From WarmLegWear.com

Lent Day 1

PS - I've also updated the About page for anyone interested.

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