How I Spent my Saturday Evening

Thursday night Mr. Cleaver and I went down to the plot and did some basic tilling  and Saturday night, while the Mr. was off playing tennis (after helping me lug my tools in), I went back for round #2.

30 minutes in:One Row Down

About an hour later:

About an hour later...

Spacing out the seedlings:


Sometime after the third hour:

All Planted!

All planted

  • Row 1: Tomatoes
  • Row 2: Bell Peppers
  • Row 3: Broccoli
  • Row 4: Herbs - Thyme, Basil, Oregano, Cilantro, and Orange Thyme

All plants except the basil came from different booths at the farmers market and Sunday morning I popped a dwarf sunflower seed at each end of all the rows.


Packman Broccolli

Bell Peppers

Orange Thyme

Hooray for gardening!

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