A Bit of Earth

Knowledge Digging

One of my favorite parts of The Secret Garden (one of my favorite children's novels) is when Mary asks Mr. Craven if she might have "a bit of earth". Mary gets her bit of earth and it, along with the friendship of Dickon and Colin, turn Mary from a thistle to a rose.

Now I wouldn't call myself a thistle, but I do have a bit of earth to call my own. Plot #11 at the local community garden. I found out about it's availability and snagged it yesterday morning and then, realizing I'm never grown any vegetables before, went to Longfellow Books on my break to find some gardening books.

My Bit of Earth

It's somewhat late in the season (I think?), so I'll be prepping soil and planning this week and hopefully getting some plants at the farmer's market this weekend and getting them in the soil. I'll be off to buy shovels and buckets and trowels after work this evening.

If any of you readers are Southern Maine-based gardeners I'd love any tips on what it's not to late to plant and for any other gardeners out there - any tips or tricks you may have. It's all so exciting!

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