Lent 2010: Update 2

Billy Budd the Betta's BacksideOur newest family member, Billy Budd the Betta

I have to say that I somehow expected things to be radically different sans TV, but really its much more the same than it has been different. I'm still tired when I get home from a stressful day at work (of which there have seemingly been many of late) and more often than not, I'll still sit down on the couch and knit, just like I would when we watched tv. Though I have been doing more spinning of late.

We have been eating at the kitchen table more and the dishes get done right after dinner more often. I will say that.

An Updated Lent by the Numbers:

  • Games of Boggle Played: 1
  • Games of Scrabble Played: 1
  • Games of Trivial Pursuit Played: 1
  • Games of Pinball Played at the Mall: about $8 worth
  • Development League NBA Games Watched: 3/4 (the power went out)
  • Quarters of USM Men's Lacrosse Wathched: 1 1/2
  • Patterns Drafted:
  • Concert DVDs Watched:
    • Stop Making Sense
    • Patty Griffin at the Artist Den
    • The Last Waltz
    • Johnny Cash at Austin City Limits
    • Guster on Ice
    • Pink Martini : Live
  • Movies Watched:
    • The Hangover
  • Episodes of The West Wing watched on DVD: a lot
  • Episodes of Mad Men watched on DVD: 3/4 of Season 1
  • CDs Listened to: too many to count!!
  • Visits to Borders to read comic books and magazines: 3
  • Walks taken:  a lot
  • Books read:
    • Emma
    • 1/4 of Pride & Prejudice
  • Times Mr. Cleaver fell asleep with a book in his hands and didn't wake up when I took it out: 2
  • Hours of live TV watched: 0

There's also been dining out, internet surfing, knitting, sewing and  general lollygagging about.

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