5 True Things and a Lie

One of my dear friends and old college roommates tagged me on this so I figured I must comply - the rules are I must write 6 things about myself, one of which is a lie.

  1. When I first met Mr. Cleaver, I hadn't sewed in years and didn't yet know how to knit.
  2. From since I was little, up to today, whenever I take long roadtrips and I'm not driving, I imagine myself riding a (rather speedy) horse alongside the car.
  3. I really want to learn how to quilt.
  4. I own at least a half dozen children's books in Latin.
  5. I once stole 54 green crayons from a restaurant.
  6. If I ever did more acting, my dream role would be Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible.

You can put your guesses for the untruth in the comments if you'd like. :)

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