Is my Alma Mater saying I turn it on?

Wu Valentine

Wu Valentine

WU Valentine


A few days ago I received a valentine from the most unlikely of sources, the Office of Annual Giving at my Alma Mater or if taken literally, the even stranger source of a light switch.

Now I'm all for almuni donations, and I make a small contribution every May, but somehow, I doubt this is really going to rack up the donations for old WU.

I tired to photograph the card, but it was too long to get the whole poem in clearly, so for your reading pleasure, I shall transcribe it here:

Sometimes it's a student's hand,
Sometimes it's a prof's.
They come and flip my switch straight up
Or sometimes switch it off 
So much learning goes on here.
You help me play my role.
It's not just intellects we shape,
But hearts and minds and souls.
I couldn't do it without you.
I couldn't light the way.
Your love for this place makes me shine,
That's why I want to say,
If you keep giving every year
This room will ne'er be dark.
Your gift, no matter big or small,
Always gives me a spark!
All my love this Valentine's Day!
-Light Switch by the Door, Eaton Hall, Room 212

In other news, when I bought him the blue argyle sweater I knew it was only a matter of time before it happened, so of course it happened on Valentine's Day.

Yep, those people

Oh well.

This was totally unintentional, but I guess it means we're officially "those people."
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