Lent Week 1

Lent Week 1

1. No Jeans Lent - Day 1, 2. Paperwhites, 3. Lent Day 2, 4. Lent Day 3, 5. Lent Day 4,

6. Lent Day 5, 7. Lent Day 6, 8. Paperwhites, 9. Lent Day 7

(click on the titles if you want to see the whole photo) 

You know those moments when you're looking at something, but not actually looking at what you're looking at?

Um yeah, that was me in the closet this morning. Not to say that I'm running on empty on day seven here, but that the continuous really cruddy weather here in Chicago makes getting dressed less about choice and fashion and more about "what will get me to the train station without freezing."

The best part of this experiment thus far? Finding ways to make daily pictures of myself interesting to myself. The basket on my head? Only the beginning my friends, only the beginning.  

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