2012: A Year in Food

2012-A-Year-in-Food.gifIt's not so much a resolution as a a general feeling, but in addition to all the usual crafty things I do (and boy, do I plan to do a lot of them this year), I'd also like to spend more time and mind-space crafting my food. I put a great deal of time and thought into my knitting, sewing, and other crafts, but when it comes to food, I usually take the path of least resistance.

For example, breakfast for me is often a bowl of Trader Joe's Honey-O's. It's not that I crave the taste, it's not that it's the most nutritious, it's just that it's easy. I'm a bit embarrassed when I think of the number of times I've thought that the six minutes it takes to microwave oatmeal is just too long (you have to watch it whole time!), even though I'm always hungry by 10 AM when I eat cereal.

This is not to belittle cereal in any way, it's just about the general mindlessness of the whole thing.

I'm not forswearing any foods, or vowing to only eat things raised within a prescribed mileage. I just want to make and eat food for a reason other than convenience.


It's also not about weight loss or eating five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

It's about being aware that I live in a place and time that gives me the good fortune to have access to a huge range of food of all varieties. It's making an actual choice about what I'm feeding myself, even if that choice is a bowl of popcorn and some Oreos.  As long as it's an actual decision.


I'll be the first to admit that Mr. Cleaver does more than the lion's share of food shopping and prep in our house, and that I need to step up to the plate more often. 9 to 5 cannot be my excuse for not caring.

So I'm going to care, and plant the veggie garden I didn't get to last year, and do better than the can of soup I've taken to work for three days straight and not eaten.

I'm not promising weekly posts or anything, but if you haven't heard anything in a couple of months you have my permission to bug me about it some. So long as you don't mind reading a little about the stir-fries along with the stitches.

So here's to 2012 and putting as much care into my food as I put into my craft.

...and now that I read this whole post, it's sounds an awful lot like a New Year's Resolution. And that's okay too.

P.S. Can I point out that I drew all the veggies in the logo thingy myself in Adobe Illustrator? I'm still fairly new to the program, so I'm pretty proud! (Yeah I made a logo thingy for this)

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