Unintentional Before and After

Potscrubber 700 Those who know me in person know that ever since we moved into the new house, I have been making fun of our dishwasher, the Potscrubber 700 because:

  1. It's name is the Potscrubber 700
  2. It has never remotely worked well

While it didn't work, we didn't plan to replace it anytime soon because we had been washing dishes by hand before, so why change now?

Potscrubber 700

On Saturday evening, I baked a citrus pond cake in preparation for the next day's Easter dinner. Shortly after I pulled my cake out of the oven, John started boiling water for some pasta and a popping sound later - nothing on our (electric) stove would turn on.

Busted Stove

We checked the plug.

We checked the breakers.

We looked at the manual the previous owners had left us.

But alas, the 25-30 year old stove decided it was done.

Our Easter dinner plans shifted location and Monday night we went out stove shopping. And since we were in for an oven we figured we might as well look at dishwashers too.

A good deal later, we ended up with a new stove and dishwasher annnnndd a new sump pump - since that broke Monday too.

New Stove

New Dishwasher

It's been an expensive week.

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