Roadtrip: Fryeburg Fair

Since we weren't able to make the Common Ground or Cumberland County Fairs this year, Mr.Cleaver and I headed up to the Fryeburg Fair to get our fall fair fix. The Fryeburg Fair is HUGE. There are tons of people who come in RVs and stay for the whole week. We went on Sunday, which was opening day, and there were people everywhere.


Fireman's MusterBarbershop Quartets,

Music ClassAlpaca Farmers,


Turning the link

Chicken Judges, and  Judging

4-H -ers.

Polishing Up

But of course I don't go to the fair for the people, I go for the animals.

Llamas, with underbites only a mother could love,

Only a mother could love.

Sweet bunnies (I want a Mini-Rex soooo much!!)

BunnyHungry Piglets,

Lunchtimeand chicks still damps from their eggs.


We saw a lot and had a a lot of fun, and oh yeah, indulged in a little fair food :)

Fair Food

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