Lent 2010


How quickly times flies! Here it is the first day of Lent already!

Long-time readers of the blog know that my annual Lent challenge is basically the only regularly reoccuring feature on The Chronicles, but for a one-sentence recap:

Last year I gave up non-cash forms of payment, the year before I gave up jeans.

This year I'm giving up TV.

I watch more TV than I care to admit, but admit I will.

It starts with the local news when I get home from work, then it's Brian Williams on NBC, then 207 comes on (a local news magazine program), then there's Jeopardy!, and what-do-you-know prime time programming is on and on it goes. Half the time I don't even care/like what I'm watching, but you know, it's on.  Lent seemed like the perfect time to kick this bad habit.

I came up with the idea back in January, because I'm far more interested in my 47 days of Lent than I am in New Year's Resolutions apparently.  Of course, this year I needed a head start, because I had to convince Mr. Cleaver.

Usually my Lent stuff doesn't effect him too much, but this year it kinda does, but he's graciously agreed to go along with it (though he can still watch TV when I'm not awake/around).


  • No broadcast/cable television.


  • Mr. Cleaver and I decide that PBS will be okay - it give my news junkie an option if I happen to be in the room and it's educational. But we're going to try to not abuse this one. (When I told a co-worker about this "loophole" she said (in jest) "Did Jesus have a loophole when he died for your sins?" And yeah, he kinda did, with the whole resurrection thing.)
  • I can watch things on the physical TV, like DVDs.
  • Internet videos are okay.


  • I will play a lot more board games.
  • I will read more.
  • I will sew more.
  • I will probably get more creative with dinner.
  • In general, I will likely be more production.
  • We will go out more during the week. (Borders, bowling, who knows?!)

All in all, it'll be hard for the first few weeks (it always is), but I think it'll be good. The only thing I'm bummed about is missing the rest of the Olympics, but I can look stuff on the web.

Here goes!

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