Cash Only or 47 days

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All the Catholics and certain branches of Protestants out there know that yesterday was the first day of Lent.

For longtime readers, you know that dispite not being Catholic, Lent is a big deal for me. I like to take on a personal challenge and why not?  Last year, as some may remember, I gave up wearing jeans. 

I spent a lot of time trying to come up with something good, that would fit the circumstances. I considered giving up prepared foods, but considered that since I'm stage-managing a show the entirety of Lent it wouldn't be terribly realistic. I cosidered taking the jeans thing a step farther and giving up pants and only wearing skirts and dresses and then I remember that I live in Maine and spring doesn't get here until May.

I finally settled on giving up non-tangible forms of payment - that is I'm going cash-only for the next 47 days (because the 40 day thing is not true - count it out from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday). No debit cards, no credit cards - just nickels, dimes, and dollars.

Since I'm a stickler about my challenges the Rules (and Exceptions) are as follows:


  1. I may only use tangible forms of payment. Cash, coins, silver ingots, gold doubloons. No credit, debit , check or paypal transactions. Paper gift certificates may be used if used in person.
  2. I will photograph every purchase made and post them here once a week for thrilling reading. ;)
  3. As I am using cash only, I will have to make all purchases in person. To further this I will attempt to make my purchases as local as possible.


  1. My cell phone bill is currently set up as an automatic online payment and I won't be changing that.
  2. The rules apply to personal use only.  That is if I need to purchase something for work, as I occasionally do, it is exempt from the rules. Joint purchases with Mr. Cleaver are also exempt, provided he is present and doing the purchasing.
  3. Medical costs are exempt if over $50.00.

I think it's definitely doable, but if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions or thinks my exceptions are bull-honkey or something, feel free to comment and let me know!

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