Lent Week 4

Lent Day 28

Day 28

Lent Days 25-27

Okay, so there are some pros and cons to this week's Lent posting.


  • On days 25 and 26. I am wearing a skirt. This is for you Crow.  Click on the titles for larger versions if you don't believe me.
  • I am wearing the same sweater on days 26 and 28. Why repeat myself a day apart? Because I made that sweater. After three months of knitting, I feel as if I am justified in wearing it as often as I want until it is too warm to wear it, which at the rate Chicago is currently going, will be sometime in early June.
  • Hardwood floors make awesome backgrounds.
  • I actually cleaned my desk so I could take the Day 26 photo.


  • I, uh missed three days. I suck. But I was also prepping for a first rehearsal and helping build a set at the same time. (full disclosure: I wore jeans while set-building, but only during set building. I changed clothes immediately before and after, adhering to the rules I set out at the start.)
  • The weather mocked me with two days of nice weather and then turned into super-cold land again. (At least until the weekend).
  • I am running out of place in my apartment to take pictures. Not to mention poses. I am so not fierce.
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