A Little Bit Country


One of my guilty pleasures in life is Time-Life Music infomercials. There's something endearing about the standard formula of past-their-prime musician + woman-of-a-certain-age co-host + those 5 second clips of unforgettable hits of the 60s and 70s. On a lazy Sunday afternoon Mr. Cleaver and I will merrily let it run for the full half-hour and our ultimate favorite collection is "The Golden Age of Country."

My costume this year is a tribute to the Golden Age of Country, the Grand Olde Opry, and fantastic country songbirds of the age like June Carter Cash, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, and Dolly Parton in all their big-haired, chiffon-clad glory.


I came across Simplicity Pattern 2180 a few weeks back, and thought it would be the perfect starting point for my costume, but it was out of stock in my size. However a kind friend in my knitting circle picked it up for me on a trip to Augusta, so I was in business!!


I knew the dress would have to have a gauzy chiffon component, preferably in a pastel shade and this Jenny Lewis video inspired me to pick up some lace trimming as well. I treated the seafoam-y tafetta-esque base fabric as an underlining, and sewed the two layers together before making the darts/seams/etc. which made dealing with the top layer chiffon a bunch easier.

It's not the best sewing job I've ever done, I skipped a few steps like the waistband facing and replaced the sleeve cuffs with elastic, but for a Halloween costume, I think it turned out pretty swell.  I'm racking my brain for occasions/places I could get away with wearing this dress in ordinary life, because I kind of love it (and I'm definitely remaking the pattern in a more casual fabric at some point).


Mr. Cleaver joined in on a more modern take on the theme, thanks to a cowboy hat from Target and some clothes from around the house. Our first thought was to do a more "rhinestone cowboy" look (like Buck Owens), but this was easier.


We went to a Halloween party over the weekend, where Mr Cleaver claimed to alternately be Toby Keith and/or Hank Williams Jr.


Even Steinbeck got in on the action (he is from Texas after all).


I even tried to keep the pumpkin in the country theme, though it looks more like a Holstein pig than the cow I was going for.


But while we may look country on the outside, inside we're both still rock ' roll.


PS - thanks to Bristol (and her dad) for the loaner cowboy boots!!


Pumpkin 2010

Mr. Cleaver and I had a pretty low-key Halloween evening, which largely consisted of eating Chinese take-out and handing out candy.

I spent most of Sunday afternoon at Maggie's celebrating what I shall now dub "Spin-o-ween." At Rhinebeck,  a number of our group picked up spindles and Maggie needed to get started on making the yarn for her 2010 knitolution (yep - I'm making up new words left and right here). So we gathered together with our roving and our pie - a treat indeed!

Pretty in Pastel :)
Newbie Spindlers
When you're spinning...
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Portland Pumpkin Tour

Jack and Ms. Cleaver

Happy Hallowe'en!

Jack and Ms. Cleaver

This is my costume for today - not so much a costume as my actual clothes, but hey. Whatever works right?

Tree-lined street

It was really nice earlier this afternoon, so I'll take you on a pumpkin tour of our neighborhood.

Frightened Jack and Traditional Jack
Growlin' Jack
Keeping Watch
Winkin' Jack
Happy Ghostie
Geometric Jacks
Coniving Jack
Cheery Jack
Here Lies Some Clown I Don't Know
Yellow Leaves
Smilin' Jack
Vintage-styled pumpkin
The Friendly Ghost
Smooshed Jack
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The Witching Hour is upon us...

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Creature from the Black Lagoon Pumpkin


(p.s. for those following my job hunt: I got one!)

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