Return to FunSpot (Lent Day #14)

Lent 2011 Day #14 Whenever I log into Wordpress to update this blog, it shows me a list of the most frequent/recent search terms people used to find my blog. The list usually looks something like this: ms cleaver chronicles, ms cleaver, chocolate chip cookie ingredients, abercrombie and stitch, chicken satay, s'more pie, smore pie, ms cleavers chronicles. (You'd think I post way more about cooking than I actually do - though if you're interested in that see the Recipes page.)

One time the list included the following: "knitters who love pinball"

I have no idea who searched that, but I wish they'd left a comment, because I'd love to know who they are, and why they were searching it (presumably they are also a knitter who loves pinball).

In any case, I'm an accurate return for that search query and proven by this post on a trip to FunSpot last year.

Since Mr. Cleaver's currently on spring break we took a return trip yesterday.

The drive out to New Hampshire was lovely, as all the trees were heavy with the previous evening's snow.

Hwy 25

Though the initial "wow" from the previous trip had worn off, FunSpot is still a lot of, well fun. Even if both Mr. Cleaver's and I favorite machines were out of order.

PinballI got in a variety of pinball action.

TetrisMr. Cleaver played a lot of Tetris.

George's Diner

Mid-day we took a break and ate lunch at George's Diner down the road in Meredith. My burger was okay, but the onion rings were delicious and the fries tasted exactly like In-N-Out fries. I got a few "you're not from around here" looks entering the diner, presumably because the folks in Meredith don't typically sport magenta nylons.

Lent Day #14

But if you're not going to wear magenta nylons to spend a day playing at an arcade, when are you?

Praying Mantis Tee: local artist, purchased at Ferdinand in 2005.

Purple Tank: Gap outlet

Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft, gift

Tights: Target

Boots: Naturalizers, Macys.

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