Ms. Cleaver Creations, and I, Leah B. Thibault, as it’s sole proprietor, believe that everyone deserves a handmade life, which is one that is ethical, sustainable, and treats all people and our planet, with dignity and respect.  

Ms. Cleaver Creations does not discriminate, either in services provided or in hiring of contractors in terms of race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, ancestry, age, physical or mental disability, or marital status. It is the responsibility of Ms. Cleaver Creations to provide a safe space on, my social media channels, and any in-person events. I will not allow hate speech, gaslighting, or any kind derogatory comments toward marginalized individuals, including, but not limited, to the BIPOC/BAME, Plus-Sized/Fat, LGBTQ+, Neurodivergent, Mentally Ill and/or Chronically Ill/Disabled individuals.  

Ms. Cleaver Creations believes in the power of positive representation and aims to include a broad range of humanity in its work.

As sole proprietor, Ms Cleaver Creations has no employees, but seeks to treat all contractor/service providers fairly and ethically, by paying fair wages in a timely manner.  If you are interested in working with Ms. Cleaver Creations as a contractor (i.e. tech editor, photographer, model, etc.) or as a project partner, please contact me.

Ms. Cleaver Creations takes steps to reduce its environmental impact by limiting plastics where possible, and using reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable products, packaging, and shipping materials.

For questions about Ms Cleaver Creations business practices or suggestions on how to improve, please contact me.

Social Responsibility and Values